TM-Cloud Contact Center

The T-Metrics TM-Cloud Contact Center provides flexibility, scalability, lower total cost of ownership, and a superior customer experience. As a primary point of contact an organization has with its customers, TM-Cloud provides a powerful skills-based routing platform to connect customers with agents best equipped to meet their requirements.

The Contact Center can be scaled to accommodate current and future contact center resource demands and requirements. The ability to purchase subscriptions, in small or large quantities, enables organizations to quickly scale to levels necessary to handle even the most dynamic call volume. Contact Center features are also easily ramped up by purchasing optional subscriptions that add advanced capabilities. Professional Services are available for project management and smooth implementation.

T-Metrics provides the following advantages over the traditional cloud deployment model:

  • Faster deployment times due to a rigorous, tested and standardized deployment methodology.
  • Easier to maintain a better customer experience with a single reseller customer facing team.
  • Consistency in delivery across projects due to a dedicated centralized on-boarding process that prepares reseller with product knowledge, best practices, and support processes.
  • Improved customer experience through the consolidation and continuous improvement of processes.

TM-Cloud Contact Center for Premise
TDM or SIP Switches
without costly Switch Upgrade or Replacement